Lebanese Mill Restaurant Dinner Spread

Lebanese Mill Restaurant, Abu Dhabi

You know a restaurant is good if it causes traffic jams. Lebanese Mill is one of those places. Despite having more cooks that could fit in its tiny kitchen, there was no way it could possibly keep up with the masses wanting take out grilled chicken. Here’s why you can’t miss it.

For our first night in Abu Dhabi,  we picked a Lebanese Restaurant that we had found on TripAdvisor. I was expecting a bit of a tourist trap, good reviews on TripAdvisor often seem to turn restaurants into tourist attractions.  I was wrong though.  When we went in, we seemed to be the only tourists there. The place just has a few tables and seems to get most of its business from people getting take out food. We found an empty table (good job our jetlag made us go for dinner early, the place was packed by the time we left) and a menu was placed in front of us, alongside with a free bottle of water.  We ordered a mixed grill platter and a salad. Barely five minutes later,  the waiter came back with this massive assortment of fresh and pickled vegetables, grilled meats, bread and some complementary falafels.

Lebanese Mill Restaurant Dinner Spread

Everything was awesome! The meat was really tender, and the fatoush salad was very refreshing with a slightly sweet lemony dressing.

This was a ton of food for two people, and the bill was a total of 46AED, about 15$. If you’re looking for authentic Middle Eastern food and care more about the food than fancy decoration, definitely give the Lebanese Mill a try if you’re ever in Abu Dhabi! This is not necessarily a place your taxi driver will know by the way, ours got utterly lost on the way there and ended up driving us to some shawarma stand instead. If you’re staying in the Corniche area, your best bet is probably to walk, otherwise let your driver drop you off at a nearby intersection, the area seemed very safe to walk around, and you’ll be able to avoid the traffic jams caused by people getting take out from Lebanese Mill and creating chaos by leaving their cars parked in the middle of the road!

Lebanese Mill Crowd Outside

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