A German Way to Spend a December Saturday Afternoon

Baking German Christmas Cookies!

Probably more so than any other nation, Germans are obsessed with baking. We can’t have a Sunday afternoon without cake. And we most certainly can’t have Advent (that’s what we call the roughly four weeks before Christmas) without lots of Christmas cookies. So a few days ago, I sent everyone else out of the house (minus the dog, who was as much into this experience as I was… any chance of a cookie crumble!), turned on some cheesy Christmas music, and got to work.

Tonight, we savoured the results.

2013-12-24 14.48.12

This is just a tiny sample of the masses of cookies I produced, in true German family tradition, we’re also giving out little (ok, big) boxes and bags of cookies to friends, relatives, coworkers and anyone else who we think may enjoy a few Christmas cookies.

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