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Camera 360I’m a traveling German! Originally from the South of Germany (near Stuttgart) and based in Barcelona, Spain, I’m frequently on the road exploring the world. I share stories from my trips and practical advice other travelers will hopefully find useful. When I’m not out exploring, I’m a Marketing & Communications consultant, helping companies around the world grow and internationalize their business. I also do random things like teaching chocolate workshops for a local museum and organizing laser tag battles for a Meetup group in Barcelona.

Why I blog

I love to discover new things. Whether it’s flying to the other end of the world to discover ancient temple ruins in Cambodia or just finding a hidden little cafe two streets from my apartment in Barcelona, discovering something new gives me a thrill and a sense of adventure. Speaking of adventure, over the last few years of travel, I’ve gotten more and more into trying out new things. From kayaking through Laos and going on a weeklong motorbike tour in Vietnam, to learning how to fly in a Windtunnel near my home of Barcelona – I’ll try almost any adventure out there. My latest passion are water based activities. Kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding – I’m out on the water at least twice a week when I’m at home and often even more than that when I’m on the road.

Blogging is my way of sharing the stories of these adventures. I want to share my discoveries with others and inspire people to go out and discover the world themselves, next door or on the other side of the world.

What kind of posts do I share?

  • Stories from my travels, anything I find worth sharing because it’s inspiring, funny, scary, or all of the above
  • Adventure inspiration, sharing ideas of new things to try, for example on the Costa Brava in Spain or in Vietnam
  • How-to posts that help other travellers and explorers go out there and experience the world. I especially try to share information that I was looking for before I set out but couldn’t find, like my post on How to get a Vietnam Visa in 2016
  • Stories about unique cultural aspects that I find inspiring or impressive, like the Castellers (human towers) of Catalunya
  • Anything and everything about food, because I’m obsessed, and who doesn’t like food?

How to get in touch with me

Use the contact form to contact me or connect on Instagram.

If you’d like to work with me, you may also be interested in my Linkedin profile.

Where I currently am

Home base: Barcelona, Spain

Upcoming travels

Indonesia, Singapur, South Korea, Japan, Philippines (2023-2024)

Media Kit

My media kit is available on request. Please get in touch via my contact form or via Linkedin to request it, along with details of your interest for collaboration.

Marketing Strategy

I’m a seasoned marketer with 15+ years of experience in B2B and B2C. I’ve written guest posts for industry publications like Tnooz and eHotelier and research papers for the Cornell Center of Hospitality Research Summit, and have presented at industry conferences like TBEX. I have worked with some of the largest hotel chains in the world on their marketing and online reputation projects. Aside from providing marketing consulting, I’ve also taught chocolate workshops at Barcelona’s Chocolate Museum and have a good understanding of Barcelona’s tourism sector. If you’re looking for help with your marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Let’s collaborate!

I’d love to collaborate with you, whether it’s on a travel story, helping you with your marketing strategy or speaking at an event. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!