86 Tuk Tuks in Phnom Penh

Today we had the random idea of counting the number of tuk tuk drivers offering us their services while walking around Phnom Penh.


After three and a half hours and 86 tuk tuks, we gave up.

Rest assured there will always be a tuk tuk available for you in Phnom Penh.

(A little bit of practical information: taking tuktuks in Phnom Penh is generally safe, but bag snatching does happen so keep your bags in the middle, out of reach from motorcycles driving by. Some tuktuks have nets on the sides so if you’re carrying valuables those may be a safer option.  Also, agree on a price before getting on and don’t fall for the “xyz is closed, but I can take you to the Killing Fields” scam. That’s usually just a driver trying to get you to do a bigger,  more expensive trip. Occasionally it’s true though as the palace does have strange opening times.)

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