Hotel Port Salins Empuriabrava - The Room

Review of Hotel Port Salins in Empuriabrava: Sleeping in Europe’s Largest Residential Marina

What makes Hotel Port Salins special:

Hotel Port Salins is right in the middle of the canals of Empuriabrava, the largest residential marina in Europe. This place feels a bit like a Spanish version of Venice. You can sit by the pool or on your balcony and indulge in a bit of people watching, which is always more interesting when said people have private yachts. My room had a bathroom with a giant window to the room, which had glass doors to the balcony, so if I’d have had the time for it, I could have soaked in the bath tub while watching the yachts outside – pretty unique. If the idea of a glass bathroom freaks you out, don’t worry: there is a curtain on that window so you can choose complete privacy if you prefer.

While the hotel is in the middle of town and the marina, it’s also only a short walk to the beach, and there are plenty of bars, restaurants and cafés

Hotel Port Salins Empuriabrava - View from Room

Hotel Port Salins Empuriabrava - The Room

What to eat:

Their restaurant ’Noray’, specialising in Mediterranean cuisine, features a modern international menu with Spanish touches. Everything was good, and the presentation was top notch. I was a particular fan of their Wagyu roast beef with mackerel mayonnaise and capers and the dessert, a raspberry sorbet with a thick white chocolate mousse topped with frozen cava. So pretty!

Hotel Port Salins Empuriabrava - Raspberry and White Chocolate Dessert

What to do around the hotel:

Go for a boat ride along the canals. You can rent private boats that you can drive around the marina yourself (sadly, the speed is throttled!) to explore the area. If you’re looking for action, Empuriabrava is one of the biggest skydiving centres in Europe so go jump out of a plane or, if that thought makes you way too nervous, learn how to fly in their indoor wind tunnel.

The verdict

Empuriabrava is a bit of a thrill seeker’s place. To really enjoy this town, it would be handy to come with a bit of spending cash for boat rides, wind tunnel sessions or jumping out of a plane. If that’s your thing, you will have a great time there. If you’re just looking for a relaxing week by the beach, there are probably better places for you on the Costa Brava.

I enjoyed my time in Empuriabrava and a complementary stay at Hotel Port Salins during a blogger trip sponsored by Costa Brava Tourism. Opinions are 100% my own though, and I truly enjoyed the activities and places I’m recommending to you!

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